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The Homeschooler Post is looking for stories, art, video and poetry to demonstrate the diversity of our members. Submit your piece to today! To become a regular contributor click the "Become a Contributor" button. 


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Laurie Gracia-Alikhan


Hello! I am Laurie Gracia-Alikhan and I am so happy to serve this community! I am an educator, artist and homeschool mom. My family began their homeschool journey in April of 2016. As an educator my career goals were based in making education accessible for all people. Since my family’s jump into homeschooling, my children have helped me develop advocacy for marginalized people in various areas of our homeschooling communities. I truly believe that our children will lead us to greatness. My children have also taught me that it takes a village. Everything I we have done in our homeschool life has been possible because of wisdom and stories passed to us through the kindness and generosity of homeschoolers like you. I look forward to sharing these stories through HSC. It brings me great joy to know that the words of the people who have helped me will be available for other members of our community.


Janell Smiley


Hi! My name is Janell. My two kids started out in traditional public school, but for several reasons, I removed them from the classroom and did their education at home. After my youngest graduated and left for college I wrote a book about our experience, “...As Long As You Don’t Turn Them Into Weirdos” takes you through all the doubt and fear - up’s and down’s - then ultimately great successes, and also addresses some of the more common misconceptions regarding ‘homeschool kids’. I’m happy to share our experiences, and my story with you! 

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Shannon Loucks


Shannon Loucks author of Love More, 50+ ways to add joy to childhood, mom to two amazing teens, married to a passion seeking husband. A transplant from British Columbia navigating the Bay Area with pen, paper and camera in hand.

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Aaron & Grace Haiman


Hello! We are a homeschooling family of three, the two of us and our daughter. Aaron was raised a homeschooler from preschool until he went to college. Grace attended private schools. Aaron really loved the homeschool experience he had, and spending years getting to know Aaron and his homeschooling friends, and their families provided Grace with a clear idea of how homeschooling could work. Our homeschool philosophy is based on sharing genuine interests and passions and allowing each family member to pursue self-directed education. We both love to share our experiences, thoughts, and ideas about homeschooling with our friends, family, homeschool community, and the rest of the world! 

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