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100 Classes for Black Kids

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

100 Classes for Black Kids was created by homeschool mother of two, Amelia Butler. As a parent of two Black kids and a homeschool group leader in the Los Angeles homeschool community, Amelia had a strong desire to create accessibility for Black children to attend online classes that will enrich and inspire them.

Due to systemic racism, an array of subjects and experiences for Black kids can be limited or missing. Without the access to a wide range of studies and experiences Black children are unable to reach their fullest potential. The purpose of this project is to increase access so that Black children can explore more possibilities for themselves, their lives and their futures. Through discovering new subjects or learning more about subjects they love, Black children will be empowered in knowing what new possibilities are available to them for their future.

If you are interested in participating in the project as a family with Black kids, a volunteer teacher or a Project leader, please contact the team leader Kimberly Gordon via email at All classes are taught on Zoom and are FREE!

-Amelia Butler is a HSC member and guest writer for The Homeschooler Post.

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