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Camping Coordinator- Denise Alcala Silva

We are pleased to spotlight Denise Alcala Silva, a long time member and camper with HSC, and our Camping Coordinator. She’s been married for 21 years and has four boys aged 26, 23, 17 and 10, all homeschooled from the very beginning. Fittingly, she loves nature, animals, hiking, camping, and being outdoors. She’s also a cyclist and surfer. She’s recently taken up photography using a beloved vintage Polaroid camera, and enjoys flea markets and finding interesting old things. We couldn’t do what we do without the support of volunteers like Denise, and we want to thank her for all she does!

June Campout: Join us for our next campout at Gaviota State Park June 24-29. Registration is open! This campout has a beach, trails, and mountains!

Conference: Join us for our August 8-11 Family Conference in San Jose! Learn, Make Friends, Relax, PLAY! Check it out:

Next Board Meeting: Join us at our next Board Mtg at our Conference in San Jose on August 8th, 2:30 pm. Please RSVP with Jamie at

Online Magazine: Our newly revamped magazine site The Homeschooler Post needs submissions! Email to become a contributor.

Outreach: Board Members Linda & Jamie will be representing HSC at a booth at the Valley Home Educators Convention July 26 & 27 in Modesto. Stop by and say hi! Outreach events are being planned for Southern California, stay tuned!

Donations: HSC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Assist our efforts to support the homeschool community with your tax deductible donation. Contact us at to donate or for more information.

Amazon Smile: Use the next time you shop after designating HSC as your charity of choice to easily donate a portion of your purchases.

Want more in-depth information about what the Board is up to? Click here for our most recent Board update: LINK (Look for the next one in September after our next Board Mtg.)

We’d love your feedback about HSC, the more detailed, the better!

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