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Can It Be Done?

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Yes! One hundred percent yes - your kids can do school at home and, if they so choose, go on to college!

I removed my kids from the traditional public school setting when my oldest - pictured here - was just starting fifth grade. We did school at home ... graduated from home - received several offers of academic merit scholarship. He wanted to be an architect since the age of 4 or so...a ‘builder man’, he would call himself. 

Five years ago he accepted the offer from Tulane University in New Orleans to become a part of their five year Master of Architecture program, graduating last week with the Masters degree, as well as a Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Arts and a minor in Urban Studies.

He is proof positive that school at home does not handicap kids - make it so they can’t thrive, or do life. Quite the opposite! He graduated at the top of the school of architecture- receiving the only ‘A’ given to the thesis students this year.

If you are worried about the future of your kids re: your decision to homeschool - if you feel like they will not have the same opportunities or ability to go forth and be amazing in their own right - just can be done️ *we’re eagerly anticipating what our youngest will do- graduating next year from the University of Wyoming.

Janell Smiley is author of Long as You Don't Turn Them Into Weirdos. Follow Janell's inspirational posts by subscribing to The Homeschooler Post today.

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