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Cha-Cha-Cha Changes!

With all the new changes to education, it can be difficult to keep track of what is available. Here is a short list of what we are seeing happening in education this year- complete with HSC members who are providing support in those areas. As we head into a new school year, it is important to remember that we have to put our health and family before the requirements of education. I hope that this list of resources helps you find the best course of action for your family!

Homeschooling with a Private School Affidavit (PSA):

Visit our Facebook page to sign up for Jamie Heston's Homeschooling 101 Zoom Info Sessions! Sign up for her next session on August 26th.

Homeschooling Families Looking for a Private Tutor or Educator:

Visit HSC member Julie Shama's facebook group organized to help parents connect with educators. Julie is a working mom with two amazing girls. As a front line worker, she needed help with the transition into homeschooling and decided to help others in the process. With her group you can connect and find educators and tutors across the country that will be a good fit for your family. You can join her Facebook group here:

Need a SoCal tutor that is local? Contact GoodSpiritTutors run by an HSC's Butler Family. GoodSpiritTutors offers a variety of program packages and individual tutoring sessions. You can visit them today at

Podcasts: Sometimes as homeschoolers, we could use a little bit of encouragement, a realignment of our values, some time for introspection, and maybe even a great example of how we want to design our education. HSC member Akilah Richards hosts Fare of the Free Child Podcast. Follow as she starts season 5 of her family's self-directed education journey for tips and life-changing listening.

HSC Board President Tiffany Sandoval hosts Homeschooling Homegirls Podcast. Follow as she bridges her unschooling experience with her culture with community and dares to take up space for BIPOC families. In addition to podcast episodes, Tiffany has started a teen boy book club! Visit her page today for more information.

GameSchoolers and E-sports!

If you have never heard of game schooling, you are in for a real treat. Visit run by HSC member Sasha Kruzyncski. Here you can meet other game schoolers and learn more about their 2021 conference. You can also follow GameSchoolCon on Facebook:

Is your child an experienced gamer? Take your child's education to the next level by taking an e-sports gaming course with Game Crossings LLC. Run by The Wiz, this course not only fosters a great gaming experience, but will connect your child to a wonderful and expansive e-sport community. Connect with them today at

Are you working with some really awesome educators? Did you create a new educational path for your family? Tell us! Send your story to We want to hear more member stories!

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