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Dinner Time Jokes

When we were a brick-and-mortar school family, we set the table every night and ate dinner together. It was a whole family affair. As we settled into homeschooling a few years ago, we began to honor our bodies and what they needed. We learned that they needed things like food at different times too! This meant that everyone began sleeping different hours. And of course, that meant eating at different hours. But one thing that has always kept its magic is dining together for a meal.

Instead of habit, dinner at the table is a special event. It's usually because I am making someone's favorite meal and everyone is happy to enjoy it with them. For some reason, screens never make it to dinner and the whole family vibe changes. My daughter has become really excited about her ability to get the entire family's attention during these occasions. Her favorite way to do this is to get us all to tell funny jokes. I usually keep it simple as she is learning the various ways to get to a punchline, but things always spiral into tons of laughter when Dad and older brother start with their favorite slap-stick middle school humor.

No matter what the jokes are, there is learning happening. Setting a scene. Framing people's perceptions. Endless word play. Jokes are a great way to keep learning going without anyone knowing what you are doing! If you are every having an off day and aren't sure about curriculum, worksheets or just how to focus attention: try to give in to the moment and have some fun. Tell a few jokes. Spend some time making up new ones. Bond with your kiddos and know that the magic is happening in there. Even when you can't always see it.

Are you following HSC on Instagram? If not, follow us now where The Homeschooler Post will be posting "Joke of the Week". Share your favorite jokes with other members in the comments. Take them back to your dinner table and have some fun!

-Laurie Gracia-Alikhan, editor The Homeschooler Post

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15 wrz 2020

So many sweet memories of jokes my boys told before they understood jokes. Playing with language is such a way to ignite curiosity and exploration

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