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Five More Resources for Mental Health During Covid-19

In these Covid times you never can have too much support. I compiled five more resources for mental health to get you through the pandemic.

2. Rogers Behavioral Health website has both inpatient and outpatient services for anxiety and OCD, eating disorders, addiction, trauma, and depression. Their blog and podcast give free Covid strategies for school and other resources. They also provide a free screening if you think your child or loved one may be mentally suffering and you need a professional’s opinion.

3. NOCD is devoted to OCD and its treatment. They pair you with a therapist and you download an app to track your progress and support you between sessions. They take many forms of insurance.

4. AT Parenting Survival has a ton of free resources if you have an anxious child. They provide Youtube videos, podcasts, and a private Facebook group. They also offer virtual classes and one-on-one coaching with a licensed therapist at a cost, if you need even more support to help your child.

5. Asperger Experts was created by Danny Raede who was diagnosed with Autism at 12 years old. He was in constant conflict with his family, but as a result of that discord he created an organization to help others with who struggle with Autism. He has many free articles and a free community you can join. He also has several tiers of membership, some with a monthly fee. He has workshops, webinars, and books that help you and your child navigate defense mode, self regulation, communication, and anxiety. I find his techniques support neurotypical kids and teens as well. They also offer one-on-one coaching. Asperger Experts does offer scholarships.

If you or any of your loved ones need emergency mental health support you can text 741741 to a crisis counselor at the Crisis Text Line.

-Damali Navarro, Guest Columnist

Damali Navarro is an actress, writer, producer and an homeschool educator for over 10 years.   My homeschool journey began out of need to find a better educational  fit for my neuro diverse son.  Traditional school was ignoring the needs of the whole child.. That’s the sweet way of saying school was sucking the life force out of him.  So we leaped into homeschooling and  through A LOT of a trial and error we (my son and I) created a self directed learning plan that honors his interests and curiosities.

I have received no compensation in any form from any of these providers.

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