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Kids Who Make: Your Child's Interests Can Form The Basis Of A Most Excellent Education

Karen Hollis explains how her daughter's unconventional education led her to be accepted at a variety of excellent colleges and even receive several full scholarship offers. From the blog post:

"There were so many times that I panicked because she wasn’t “doing anything” with her interests; this was because I was only looking at them in the narrow, limited framework of what schools require. But by allowing her to pursue her interests in her own way and at her own pace, I ended up with a college applicant who impressed admissions committees with her discipline, breadth and range of knowledge, willingness to attempt difficult things, and strong sense of purpose. Colleges do value these things, and as their written comments to her indicate, she stood out precisely because she showed these in unusual ways, ways colleges are not used to seeing in AP-laden kids with tons of outside structured extra-curriculars."

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