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Making Your Home a Happy One

One of my biggest challenges as a homeschooling mom is keeping up with all of the available book clubs. As an avid reader, it is rare for me to turn down a book. It is even more difficult for me not to have multiple books going at a time. All of these groups have helped me add to my collection, refer friends and family to the right book for them and explore genres I have never read before. The last book club I was in read Connection Parenting by Pam Leo.

This was somewhat of a typical parenting book. If you have taken any positive parenting or positive discipline courses, this book will lead you through a process of self-evaluation connected to those basic principles. Leo takes the time to reframe everyday struggles with our children so that we are reminded to honor their needs. Leo teaches that we should model behavior that will lead to solutions rather than solve the problems our children experience with our innate power as parents. She writes that all behaviors are need-driven and that the best way to work with our children is to take the time to learn what they need and how to ease the pain or ache when it is not met.

This book was a great reminder to practice and use the tools I have gained from other positive parenting and teaching courses. I share it with you today because Leo also lists MANY other books, websites and organizations for reference in her "Connection Parenting Links” pages. I hope that you can find the resources your family needs to make you homeschooling home a happy one!

If you have a life-changing book or a book that could be of reference for homeschooling families share with us today! I would love to hear your thoughts on books, their teachings and share references with our families. If you would just like to send me titles: I would love that too!

Happy Reading! Laurie Gracia-Alikhan - Editor The Homeschooler Post

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