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Playing Video Games Could Lead To A Lucrative Career Choice

Jackie Edwards shares how kids can turn their passion for videogames into a lucrative career! 

Finally, some good news for those who like nothing better than to slip on headgear, get connected and strategize about the latest online tactical mission of World of Warcraft. Those who love playing their games will find they have inroads into an interesting career choice. Game designing might not be a get-rich-quick solution but it does pay well. Junior developers enjoy a starting salary similar to that of a flight attendant, and lead game designers earn around the same as nurse practitioners.

Steps For Students To Follow To Become A Game Designer

In order to become a game designer that stands out in a very competitive environment, it’s important to have the basics in place, but also go the extra mile to get noticed. Some of these include:

The ability to work well in a team

Game designers often have to work closely with game developers in order to get the product out. The game designer takes care of the concept and characters, while the game developer develops the software to bring the story to life.

A solid foundation in education

Some of the fields of study that are advantageous to this career include computer science, game design, practical programming, mathematics, and logic.  

A clear head during the interview process

This can be a relentless process as recruiters work through the applications. There is an initial screening of the resumes and cover letters, telephonic interviews, technical interviews, and final interviews to consider. This means that your cover letter and resumes need to be drawn up professionally.

A clear career direction 

There are quite a few roads to follow for a junior game designer as they work their way up the ladder. Some of the prospects include senior designer, lead designer on a project, starting their own consultancy, or starting a studio.

The Connection Between Gaming and Education

Apart from providing children and teenagers with hours of entertainment and fun, new developments in the gaming industry also inspire further learning in children. This allows the circle of fun and education to go full circle, as those gamers will one day have the opportunity to create products of their own, thanks to their homeschooling education. STEM education has never been more fun and provides children with a broader scope of reference. All four STEM branches make a significant contribution to the education of a game designer.

Before Enrolling Into College

There are a number of courses that homeschoolers can follow before they get to college and many of them are available online. Some of them are available to students from a young age. There are also countless resources available to students that will take them through the various stages of game design. These are styled in fun and creative ways and tend to feel more like games than actual training. They will also have exposure to programming and the chance to learn how to create 3D animation. Many of the options are free, however, some require payment in order to progress to higher levels or for the full course.

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