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Preparing Homeschooled Kids for College

Students from a homeschool environment have a higher graduation ratethan their traditionally schooled peers. "Exploring Academic Outcomes of Homeschooled Students" by Michael Cogan presented this fact. He emphasized that homeschooled students graduate at 66.7% while traditional students graduate at a rate of 57.5%. These numbers do not imply that homeschooled kids will have a breezy college experience or that they should not keep an eye on the horizon. Today, more than ever, students need to hunker down and prepare well to get the most out of their upcoming college life.

Tackling Academics

Suitable preparation is key to gain entry to a college as many require good SAT scores.College prep classes and courses similar to those in a high school setting can help the homeschooler to get those core requirements. Large universities around California like UC offers helpful academic outreach programs for pre-collegiate students.

Online classes are a new age boon for homeschoolers; they can make use of both free and paid for resources to supplement the learning requirements. It also helps promote self-reliance--a trait that they will need not just in college but in adult life as well. Homeschooling has the benefit of letting the student map out their interests so they can pursue their chosen field of academics efficiently.

Option Exploration

Beyond academics, it is important to find out what the homeschooler's options are for college choices. The beauty of the technology that we have now is that online applications and early correspondence with colleges are a reality. Factoring in the preference of the student, there are a lot of colleges to choose from in the state, the country, and even abroad. Determining the particular course or major that the student wants will help to narrow down the options you both need to look at.

Technological Knowledge

Homeschoolers need necessary tech skills to help them with projects and assignments in college. Knowing how to handle and troubleshoot issues with their personal computers and other gadgets are crucial. College students benefit greatly from having the tech to help them take notes, create presentations, and even stay in touch. It would be important for parents familiarize their learners with technology by intertwining lessons and appropriate gadgets and programs.

Essential Life Skills

The most important prep that homeschoolers need is understanding basic survival or life skills and the tools that can help access them. College students should be fully aware of how to do their own laundry, keep a clean space around them, and even cook good meals for sustenance. Starting them early with chores around the home can help significantly.

College students are expected to be fully functioning adults and finances will factor into this. With student loans and eventually having to handle jobs, it is critical for a homeschooler to be financially literate. Learning how to handle money should be part of the lessons that parents prioritize especially in the home environment. This helps to raise self-reliant and responsible college students and eventually, productive members of our society. ​

College is a great time for learners to know more about themselves and who they want to be in the future. Parents can help their homeschooled kids be better prepared by being proactive in arming them for the college experience. Take this time to see what else you can do as a parent to help your homeschooler tackle college with confidence and gusto.

Kylee Ryers was an academic counselor for over ten years. She now uses her writing to advocate for students.

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