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50 Reasons to Homeschool

Ever thought about homeschooling?  Here are 50 reasons why families chose to homeschool from homeschooling families themselves!  A special thank you to all the families in HSLA who contributed to this article!

  1. Choose what areas you study

  2. Receive funding for homeschooling 

  3. Child-led education

  4. Keep child's passion for learning alive

  5. Spend more time with the kids

  6. Encourage creativity

  7. Allow 'outside of the box' thinking

  8. Freedom to travel

  9. Can learn about what you love

  10. Can customize your child's education to their needs

  11. More freedom for kids to play

  12. Current school system is not beneficial for some kids

  13. Kids can be free to be kids

  14. Parent knows what the child is learning

  15. Mandatory vaccinations won't allow child to be enrolled in school

  16. Parent likes to see child's progress

  17. Kids not exposed to possibility of school shootings

  18. Flexibility with learning scheduling

  19. Decolonization

  20. Can go at our own pace

  21. Because special education kids are segregated at schools

  22. Kids were bullied at school

  23. Child was rejected by school

  24. Teacher at school didn't understand my kid

  25. Racism at school

  26. Kid was abused by teachers at school

  27. Special education kids are treated differently at schools

  28. To ensure kids have their individual needs met

  29. To give kids a well-rounded education

  30. School system is a controlling, institutional, outdated system

  31. To challenge an advanced kid

  32. Schools don't teach the truth

  33. Because there was no space in the school for what my kid needed

  34. Because the education system is not designed for developing brains

  35. Kid can learn about anything and everything

  36. Can live abroad and travel

  37. Allows exploration in nature on a daily basis

  38. So the joy of learning won't be stamped out of my child

  39. Value family time

  40. Child autonomy

  41. Teachers at schools cannot meet the individual needs of all students

  42. Family are night owls

  43. Don't trust the school system

  44. Gifted child was not challenged at school

  45. Keep curiosity alive

  46. Black liberation

  47. Don't trust strangers teaching my kid

  48. Desire to foster child's emotional intelligence

  49. History is whitewashed at schools

  50. Learn about subjects not offered in schools

If you are thinking about homeschooling, what would your 'why' for homeschooling be?  If you are currently homeschooling, why did you choose to homeschool?  Share your answer with us in the comments below!

-Amelia Butler is a columnist for The Homeschooler Post

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1 Comment

As a previous special education teacher in public schools for the past 26 years, I totally identify with all the reasons listed to homeschool. I recently became a Freedom Learning Specialist at the Healthy American, San Clemente, Ca. The Covid 19 mandates in CA will be intolerable for the 2022/2023 school year. I am offering online homeschooling for CA students to be free thinkers, and allow children to use their individual learning style and Divine Design to lead their learning experiences. If you want a positive, supportive teacher to supplement their homeschooling experience, go to www.EducationalFreedom.NET for further information. Kind Regards, Robert Moran 6/6/22.

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