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Embracing Confidence

I love this picture - in my eyes, it pretty much sums up motherhood/parenting in general. Throw in taking on the Herculean task of doing school for your children at home, and the picture takes on even more meaning.

The thought of removing kids from the traditional public school system can be overwhelming...daunting to say the least -this mama lioness is 100% confident she will stand behind her cub to do what’s right: to protect - to encourage - to guide - to teach. Those things are her main job in life... just like it is in ours. She is confident, and knows she’s not alone in her task - she is surrounded by others who have the same job.

The cub looks like he is the king of the jungle, doesn’t he?! Brimming with self assuredness - mom is right there to back him up. Her job is to lift him up, let him fail and learn from the failure - to show him the way.

If it has been placed upon your heart to take on this task you will feel doubt and fear for sure - learn to enjoy the journey and embrace the fact that you are not much different than this mama lion with her cub.

You can do this️!

-Janell Smiley, author of “...As Long As You Don’t Turn Them Into Weirdos.”

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